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Complication ♡

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Oh HAI. The name's Sherry. Otaku. Fujoshi. Forever 19. Okay.
I grew up with RPG games and am adventurous myself. Thus, the explanation for why I love the 'Adventure' genre.
Also a sucker for the horror/thriller, romance, shounen-ai, yaoi (cough) genres.
Blue pony-tail-haired-guys fetish.

My main fandoms are:
♡ No. 6
♡ D.Gray-Man
♡ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
♡ Tales of the Abyss
♡ Tsubasa/CCS [CLAMP]

I also immensely love:
♡ Another
♡ Durarara!!
♡ Kimi To Boku

Feel free to add me. I like making new friends though I'm very socially awkward.
I will pee on everything you hate.

Yoroshku! ♡